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Smiling Colleague

Customer Engagement

My Future Planning takes pride in creating the most positive and compliant Customer engagements possible, ensuring each enquirer is fully engaged and has a clear understanding and expectation of what service is being offered. 


We put your future prospective clients "Number 1" in all we do and therefore deliver clients who are happy to discuss their requirements.

Across all brands, we currently generate thousands of leads each month and therefore it's imperative that we work with "Financial Advisers" and "Wealth Managers" that wish to provide referred clients with exceptional service.



Pay "Per Click" Search and Remarketing


Pension Plan Advice campaigns all start with an internet search or an engagement on social media followed by remarketing with videos similar to below, ensuring high-quality engagement.

QMC JPeg.jpg

Quote My Cover campaigns are all social media-based with remarketing using videos like with one below, as with all our campaigns all engagement is GDPR compliant and cookie consents are given etc.


Frozen Pension offers high intent Pension Tracing and Initial Advice enquiries from only £35 per lead depending on volume.

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