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Current Lead Costs 

My Future Planning takes pride in building a strong commercial relationship that lasts the test of time, we are happiest when we see our clients expanding in the knowledge that we are helping them to do so.

We are very flexible regards commercials, and setting the correct pricing is key to the success of all parties.


Please find below a simple outline of our current Lead Cost for each campaign.


Due to the volumes and success of our campaigns, we are keen to work with Advisers and Firms who are keen to scale their businesses however we also want to prove our value  by making a "trial campaign" easy to set up and also cost-efficient.

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Current Rates and Packages


Pension Plan Advice offers several lead types  from only £35 per enquiry that have on average1 in 5 conversion rate from only  (VAT exempt)

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Quote My Cover offers Life Insurance Enquires from across the United Kingdom from only £45 per enquiry you must be able to offer whole of market.


Frozen Pension offers high intent Pension Tracing and Initial Advice  from only £35 per enquiry depending on volume.


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